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Earn money using your mobile phone to sell recharge cards or etop-up and collecting cash for bill payment and money transfer. Connect to a bluetooth printer and print recharge vouchers and receipts.

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MOBiLinK is a mobile app aimed at increasing foot traffic to your business location by partnering with Voucher Net Limited. Commercants and retailers are able to reach Voucher Net’s client base, offer their products at a negotiated discount and users of the MOBiLinK app redeem their points acquired from the app to shop either at your online store or at your outlet. How do you earn points in MOBiLinK? Simple: Just use MOBiLinK for your Airtime, data or Bill earn points which you can convert to discounts at our retail partners! Download MOBiLinK now and Linkup with your favorite stores! Join us an create a rewarding social experience sing what you will do anyway!

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TPS300 Mobile Payment POS Terminal is a portable standalone transaction terminal. It is an ideal product for prepaid airtime, E-Voucher distribution, mobile top up, loyalty program, lotto etc. All the application can be developed under our user-friendly SDK.

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Experience has taught me that the easiest target of employers is an employees’ self-worth and self-esteem. Once this is touched even if just once, the employees spiral downwards can only be best imagined than experienced. Being one that has been a recipient of that dose of treatment and is living to testify about it, trust me, you don’t want to be there. Employers toy with your self-worth in so many ways: from poor salaries to unpaid bonuses or even salaries, to appraisals that are at best subjective and only tries to “fulfill a yearly ritual” and it is a tool for managers to either get back at you or tie down your future to any act that they find can manipulate you to doing their bidding so you get that nice yearly bonus or even a promotion, to how you are regarded. These sort of experiences with employers has led people to the ultimate end, driven people to become insane or develop psychological disorders that families are unable to unravel. The latter impact is the crux of this blog post and why you must fire your employers before they ever get to you!&nbsp;<br><br>I have a challenge for the HR-teams across the globe. Please show me an appraisal process that has nothing subjective about it. Until organizations are able to actually exact a 360degree evaluation of employees and their superiors, and use input from both as well as that of an external observer, with only measurable objectives as the basis of the evaluation from all sides, the metrics for ranking properly established and therefore even a non-technical observer can pick up the activity report of any employee and rank their performance. The problem is that HR-teams that are meant to be rendering a service to the organization are at best, payroll and personnel package and training administrators. The value they are to bring into organizations are lost in these also essential activities but obscure the real impact they can create for the organization. Managers are tasked to create these metrices but that is already a failed process before implementation. Most managers in both public and private organizations have no business being managers of people or business processes in the first place. They are mostly titled persons who lack the fundamental skill sets of dealing with the business let alone something as complex and complicated as 1 employee!&nbsp;<br><br>The human mind and body is a work of creation than cannot be replicated. That makes each one of us unique. From our birth, differentiators begin to change our being and how we interact with the immediate environment. The cumulation of our individual experiences and how we have processed those experiences is what makes us to be that unique person with varying degrees of the multiple emotions and projections of ourselves in any given situation. The Myers Briggs personality type indicator (MBTI) says we have 4 dominant personality types and the variations of each of these types in each person causes there to be 16 quadrants that will define a person’s personality. Myers Briggs is only one of several behavioral scientists that have delved into this area of human psychology but there are several hundreds of such studies with the personality types even extending to 64. You now have the complexity of the interactions of different personality types and these studies have been used in saner climes for effective team composition when real problems of the world need to be solved. Fact is, when you group a certain bunch of people together without consideration for their personality types and how these personality types interact, you will be unknowingly creating a recipe for disaster in your organization.&nbsp;The postulations of Myers Briggs however has several loopholes with the predominant being its reliability, validity, utility objectivity, and relevance to dichotomies. It also does not led itself well to psychometric scales<b></b><br><span><br>Knowing therefore that most employers do not take into account these salient but crucial subject matter to heart and dutifully seek to get the best out of their employees, they appoint managers that are poorly prepared to fill the role of a manager and start playing catch up to train the managers to become “managers”, at this time it is already too late because this ill prepared manager is already interacting with your employees and the turn-out can be as good as sticking your finger in your mouth and raising it up in the air to find out which direction the wind is blowing. Before you know it, employees are becoming uncomfortable, there’s back-biting and rumors peddling, uncertainty about futures in the organization, favoritism and all those soft issues that cause you to wake up and dread going to the office.&nbsp;&nbsp;When you get to this point, you become a liability to the organization and are just working to see the next pay-check. For you and the organization, this is the worst state of affairs. Somebody has to leave or the organization may collapse depending on the percentage of employees in that situation. Absenteeism and employees falling sick becomes the order of business. Some may be rightfully sick, others pretend to be sick so as to attend to other matters while most are actually psychologically traumatized!</span>&nbsp;<br><br>My remedy is two-fold: <b>1. A complete overhaul of the organizations HR-systems to cater for employee anxiety and sense of belonging.</b> This is the hardest part of any organization to deal with after the bottom-line (there will be no organization if the bottom-line or projections are not looking up). But you need people to fix the bottom line so, this seems like a chicken and egg situation.&nbsp;<br><br><b>2. Fire your employer! </b>The rest of this blog will be dedicated to this part.How do you fire your employer you may ask? You did not offer your employer a contract you may say but, I have to correct you. You did offer your employer a contract. It is a psychological contract. This is the aspect of your employment contract that is not written but, an existing mutual understanding that when you do something for the employer, the employers will do something for you. It is that aspect that deals with what motivates an employee when the employer fulfills their part. The employer expects to get loyalty, commitment, presence at work, conformance etc. It therefore comes clear that when the employer fails to respect the psychological contract. According to Furnham A. (2012) The emotional contract at work. In: The Talented Manager. Palgrave Macmillan, London, a breach of the psychological contract can spell doom for a company. So, to get the most of your written contract, the psychological contact&nbsp;&nbsp;must go hand in gloves with it. Since the psychological contract is often broken by most employers, it is therefore important that employees psychologically terminate this contract even before it becomes apparent. This should not be taken in the negative light. It just means that you as an employee shouldn’t hold much expectations from the employer as a commitment to the psychological contract. This is the part that affects morale, motivation, commitment, love, a sense of belonging, loyalty, and it is often broken even within the 1st month of employment.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><span><br>The steps to fire your employer are deliberate steps taken by an employee from the day the formal contract is written. In a nutshell, this step involves creating a revenue stream from your earnings that will replace your paycheck&nbsp;&nbsp;from your employers and take care of your daily living expenses. For starters, you must invest time in learning about what investments you can make with your salary. Build a property portfolio (buy low, sell high), invest in money market securities, invest in currencies to hedge against fluctuation or variations, invest in the Stock market (blue chip stocks mostly), Invest in your ideas that are economically viable. When you fire your employer psychosocially, you set yourself up for winning! You cannot do what you did not do after spending years in the company and didn’t do them. So, when you are being unfairly treated by your employer, FIRE THEM!!! BE PREPARED FOR ALL THAT IS TO COME WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE A PAYING JOB. Start planning for your eventual departure from your employers from the 1st day you employed.</span>&nbsp;

Uncommon Sense: Panacea for Stupidity

Uncommon Sense: Panacea for Stupidity

When one of our senators started his posts and talks on common sense, I heaved a sigh of relief that finally, we have someone that thinks outside the box…Naija will change for the better and there is hope. The latter is sure, there is hope but the former leaves a lot to be desired almost 3 years after so many common sense talk. This leads me to seriously challenge the notion that common sense will get us to Uhuru.&nbsp;<br><br>What is uncommon sense? Well, let me give you my definition: this is the type of sense that is associated with ingenuity, out-of-the-box reasoning with innovative approach to resolving the impossible. It is the mindset that there are no impossibilities and time is not infinite but infinite solutions exist to problem solving…if there are 1,000,000 problems, uncommon sense is not overwhelmed but speeds up the problem solving algorithm, shortens time spent dealing with any particular issue and deals with every one of those 1 million problems, leaving no stone unturned. Uncommon sense mobilizes the consciousness of a people, galvanizing them into action and urgency of acting. Think of it and DO IT. Just DO IT!&nbsp;<br><span><br>Why do I feel this is what we need as a nation? Just this morning, I listened to some Nigerian Youths come on air to speak against the Presidents’ pronouncement on increasing taxes on alcoholic beverages and tobacco based products. These are lifestyle things that, when properly examined, poses more harm than good from a health perspective. Now, the president has not banned these things but is saying that if you want to indulge in it, then you have to increase your disposable income allocated to it or, STOP THAT SHIT and get a life and better health while reducing the number of deaths as a result of people driving under the influence of anything you think you need to drink or smoke. Can you imagine that one of the interviewed youths was pleading with the government not to increase the taxes on these products simply because these are the things that we take to “…forget about your problems or deal with hardship in the country!” (paraphrasing).<i></i>He went further to suggest that “…youths go&nbsp;<i>para</i>on the streets if they increase…”. This leads me to think and worry for this country because hard as you may think I am just worried for nothing, I can shock you in revealing that the mentality of the majority of Nigerians between the ages 18 – 30 years will think in this manner!</span>&nbsp;<br><span><br>There was also the suggestion of another youth interviewed on the same program who suggested that he will build a home somewhere in the middle of nowhere to keep citizens who are aged over 70 years and leave them there because they have no business planning his future. In my mind, I said he should make the first residents his parents and grandparents. My father will be 80 years old in a couple of weeks and he is busy farming in my village with fish ponds and palm fruit trees he is cultivating while acting as a Justice of Peace (JP). His most recent exploit was bringing together farmers in his community to come under an umbrella association so as to attract a world bank assisted farming development loan facility for the farmers. This is my 80 year old father…he is a pensioned&nbsp;<i>old Soja&nbsp;</i>who fought in the Nigerian civil war for the unity of this country! Now this is not to belittle the exploits of some of our youths who have truly distinguished themselves in their chosen area of endeavor, but for anyone to suggest that our elders are to be remanded in a home and have no business planning the future of this country, I have only one word for you: “The thing that an boy climbs to the top of the palm tree to see, the old man sitting on a bench under the tree has seen it long before your started climbing the tree.” This is a Nigerian proverb and if you are a youth and do not understand what it means, please go and ask your father or mother. Please be sure your mother is over 40years old because I have my doubts that a parent in their 30’s would be able to fully explain this…but if you are such a parent that knows the meaning of this proverb, then congratulations and go give a hug to your parents for giving you proper upbringing!</span>&nbsp;<br><span><br>I gave up on my common sense long ago and the speakers of common sense. Uncommon sense is fast needed to change things here. An example of uncommon sense was wrapped and delivered by&nbsp;<i>DavidO</i>last night when he appealed to his colleagues in the profession who have money and have been blessed like him when he said and I will paraphrase : “I have more than fifteen people on stage with me and they are not random people…they are people whose lives I have touched…we rise when we pull other up. Please all of you my fellow artistes, you have money so please pull somebody up and assist them…” and make this world a better place. My heart was filled with joy to hear this come from&nbsp;<i>DavidO</i>as he picked up his Headies for the Artiste of the Year! A well-deserved trophy and recognition for hard work. This is uncommon sense and the dearth of such thinking is the problem of this nation.</span>&nbsp;<br><span><br>So, Mr. common sense people have been speaking common sense and I ask them to come and do things with uncommon sense. Because if you are trying to lead with common sense, then your sense is adding no value to the next person since it is common with the next person to you. It is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result that is our problem...I cannot find another definition for stupidity. Politicians since I came of age to understand I am also a political animal, have campaigned to give us water, light (NOOO! Electricity is what we need not light! I have light from my kerosene lantern, the sun in the day and the moon at night), good roads and better education should please stop! Stop deluding yourselves to think that these promises that none had fulfilled over the decades is going to get you elected again. You should be talking SUSTAINABILITY, EQUALITY, ENABLING ENVIRONMENTS, STRENGTHENING OF INSTITUTIONS, ACCOUNTABILITY IN GOVERNANCE, ENABLING LAWS&amp;ENFORCEMENT, ACCESSIBILITY TO BUSINESS FINANCE AND CITIZENSHIP SENSITIZATION (what it is to be a Nigerian and what are your rights). With these things in place, every other thing will follow! Scrap nepotism, catchment areas and advantaging “disadvantaged areas” over others (quota system). This notion of quota system is what has largely brought us to this place where some people even with their lower qualifications and intellect are placed in positions over others with superior knowledge and competence, rewarding mediocrity and overlooking excellence. Everyone has a place and we should all be educated on that. The farmer is no less important than the medical doctor neither is the cleaner less important than the Senator! As a citizen, these are rights we must know. We must dispense with the “entitlement disease”. The senator has as much rights to be respected as the cleaner of his office and if the former feels any superior, his head should be examined for stupidity sickness.&nbsp;</span>&nbsp;<br><span><br>We must engineer stupidity our of our system and when we entrench the points I have enumerated here above, you would have given a death blow to corruption, favoritism, nepotism and inequality! A greater nation will be budding for our children to inherit and a much more vibrant youth who knows how to speak intelligently in public on matters of grave importance.&nbsp;</span>&nbsp;<br><span><br>Trust me, UNCOMMON SENSE IS NOT COMMON.</span>

Advice for the Instant Celebrity: From the stables of a Serial Entrepreneur

Advice for the Instant Celebrity: From the stables of a Serial Entrepreneur

So, you just won N45,000,000 (forty-five million naira) and you cannot believe the Miracle that just happened. Just like that, fame has dropped on your laps and you are thinking:”…damn! what do I do with all this cash?”. Well, I just want to use this to share a few thoughts to help guide your actions.&nbsp;<span><br><i><span><br>Live a Life of Purpose<br></span></i>Money, never comes easy. Never! You became a spectacle before millions of fans and citizens of other nation. Your life to some extent has become public knowledge. This comes with a lot of responsibility. To cut through the chase, set yourself up immediately with a life of purpose. This is what a Celebrity status demands. Anything less and you are, forgive my language, screwed! Find a cause that reflects your personality that will impact on the lives of many and cause a positive change in their lives or the environment. You can never go wrong with that. Find well-meaning and responsible organizations that will join you in furthering your cause. Strike a win-win…after all, you are a Celebrity…brands will drop their pants to identify with you!&nbsp;<br><i><span><br>No quest for Big Money Deals<br></span></i>Do not embark on a journey of Big Deals and endorsements. Actually, you should hold tight to your modest ways and humble beginnings before your fame and fortune! Letting go of that part of you will cause your loved ones and your buddies to become strangers and you, a stranger to them. Deals will come your way for sure…but never discriminate for the volume of cash that you are offered…rather, see if the brand is being responsible to society. Be intelligent in your criteria for selecting a brand that will host your image on their billboards etc. they should respond to questions like: What are their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies? What projects have the executed in line with that policy? Where are feedback reports on the impact that project? What CSR plans do they have for the next 2 – 5 years. Or, you may choose to only identify with organizations that have good social or welfare packages for their employees. The chances are that if they are treating their employees right, they will be treating the environment right. Based on a careful alignment of the firm to your areas of concern, open financial discussions! They will understand that you are not a joke and not place before you, offers that are not acceptable. In any case, the chances are very high that when you have some good screening criteria, you would have separated the boys from men.&nbsp;<br><i><span><br>Invest smartly<br></span></i><span>Ever heard of the stock market? Ok…do you know what the bulls and bears are when you are speaking of stocks? Well, these were questions a friend threw at another younger friend over a drink a couple of days ago. My younger friend drew a blank. I love his honesty…unlike most who will start telling you how a bull is a male cow and a bear is the animal that fought with Leonardo DiCaprio in that film…bla…bla...bla. Never hide your ignorance about a technical subject and create the opportunity for other to bring you up to speed fast. The fastest way to learn is not only by reading but by sharing and learning directly from others experience. And my younger friend did get a lesson that evening. Get in when the market is appearing bearish and get out when it is bullish! But, that may be a tough thing to follow so after being severely burnt by the Nigerian stock market and the likes of ENRON in the NYSE as with some Oil &amp; Gas stocks, I decided to actually re-define myself from being an aggressive to a conservative investor. I now do mostly Mutual Funds, Money markets, Properties and a very small percentage in stocks and a huge percentage on my day job (running my small businesses and looking out for new investing opportunities).&nbsp;<br><br>You must always try to constitute a mixed portfolio and have a day job…being a celebrity isn’t a job! Your job may give you a celebrity status.&nbsp;&nbsp;Your portfolio mix must have one set that can give you instant access to funds (say within 24 – 48 hours) in the event of an emergency and the longer-term investments like properties. My style? properties are the final destination of cash that I do not wish to convert back to cash in the medium or term…so I am never desperate to sell of any asset…NEVER instantly.&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><br><br>Now I must tell you, N45M isn’t a great deal of cash to a lot of people (you don’t even have the status of a millionaire i.e. one whose asset worth is equivalent to $1million or more in other terms someone who earns $1million dollars per annum)…I mean, seriously, that’s Chioma’s Assurance. That wouldn’t buy you a 27 sqm studio apartment in Eko Atlantic City or Banana Island. Your celebrity status isn’t worth shit if you cannot boast of sitting and sipping champagne on your balcony in any of these places in Lagos…let alone one in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower.&nbsp;<br><br>So, my dear instant Celebrity, try to grow your money smartly. Some money market instruments pay out 19% interest on your cash and it is compounded and interest paid daily to your investment account and re-invested at the same rate for the next day. You have access to your cash (interest and capital) within 24 – 48hours. Please, keep your money there and watch it grow while you continue earning your salary from your paid job and continue your hustle.&nbsp;<br><span><br>Above all else, remain who you are cause going all over the place popping champagne isn’t going to pay your bills. They will be waiting for you when you come back from your partying! Spend what you have a means to replace. Give out what you do not&nbsp;expect to receive back else, make it a loan backed with a document for receipt and promise of return.</span></span>

New Voucher Net Website Launched!

New Voucher Net Website Launched!

<div><span>Hooray!!! Our new look website is here! We went live on the 1st of May 2018. We are so excited at the possibilities and features we have on this website...oops! Web app in morderm parlance and truly it is a full bodied app on its own!&nbsp;<br><br></span><b>What’s New?</b><br>1. MOBitooT</div><div>if you had ever been to our previous website, you will have noticed that MOBitooT,</div><div>our premier mobile app that allows you do everything including “sending slap to</div><div>Clem” and “making myself disappear” according to the upcoming comedy act,</div><div>Josh2funny (Instagram handle @josh2funny), never featured on our website since</div><div>it’s release on google playstore in September 2017. Today, MOBitooT is everywhere</div><div>like we want it to be. Hey! You don’t have MOBitooT, just download MOBitooT and</div><div>“Vend it”! Save between 3 - 6 percent on all your airtime and data top up! MOBitooT</div><div>finally has a befitting home!<br><br></div><div>2. Real-time Chat&nbsp;</div><div>You, our esteemed clients, now have another channel to chat with a customer</div><div>services representative with our integration with! Yep, you can talk to us</div><div>anytime. This will gradually replace our Telegram chat so we stop disturbing other</div><div>clients who don’t need to “listen” to other clients yelling at us. Ok! That’s a bit rough</div><div>but yes, it gets to that point sometimes when clients even call us “stupid”...but we</div><div>can understand the frustrations. We yell sometimes to at some of our services</div><div>providers when they fail to deliver as we want and therefore cause us not to please</div><div>our clients. Ok...I take that back…we don’t yell...we just make them sit up! At the heart of</div><div>this new webapp is our clients and how we are able to reach them or they reach us.</div><div>We are asserting ourselves and making a statement with our new webapp as a</div><div>customer facing organization.<br><br></div><div>3. Meet our Team (who is who at Voucher Net)</div><div>Now when you see all the noise we make, you will think we are bigger than Nigeria</div><div>&nbsp;(God bless our beloved and beautiful country), but we are just a team of 4 but a</div><div>power packed and dedicated 4! Meet us on the you have a face to those</div><div>voices on the phone and the personalities behind some of the emails you receive.</div><div>But that’s not all; we outsource some of our services to some of the best minds in the</div><div>industry. Thanks to Smartware solutions for app development and our recently</div><div>added&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">i</a>FwAxTeL LTD that put together this webapp. Emeka Ehinze, Ifeanyi Orji, thank</div><div>you!<br><br></div><div>4. Your testimonials</div><div>So we have this part where you can either give us sh*t or tell us how much pleased</div><div>you are with what we are offering as a service. Now, be sincere with your feedback</div><div>here cause this is part of our continuous improvement process. Your objectivity in</div><div>telling us how we are serving you gives us the possibility of taking your suggestions</div><div>and making ourselves better. So, if you like, yab us, we can retaliate but more</div><div>importantly, we want to hear from you. With your consent, we can add a picture of</div><div>you too!<br><br></div><div>5. News and updates</div><div>Here we get to let you in on what we are up to. It is not limited to just Voucher Net</div><div>matters we talk about, we are Nigerians and we know a lot…we also talk a lot so and</div><div><br></div><div>have opinions about anything and everything. This is “awa time to tawk”, about life</div><div>and, life! You get to read 1 st hand what’s new and what we are doing to improve our</div><div>apps, next release date and where we hung out last night!<br><br></div><div>There is more! Much more! From this blog that now gives us an avenue to vent</div><div>about anything and everything, to the Bundles ordering process which now helps us</div><div>with tracking your requests and our improved automated response feedback to your</div><div>orders. As the days roll by, we will be letting you in on some nuggets on how you can</div><div>best interface with us and interact with our webapp!<br><br></div><div>Welcome to <a href="" target="" rel=""></a>. We empower you to earn cash efficiently!</div>



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