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Selling Via MOBitooT App

The Voucher Net MOBitooT App and bluetooth printer will allow you sell e-products such as phone recharge cards, DSTV & GOTV payments, PHCN payments, Internet payments, Exam registration vouchers, Events and Lottery tickets. Our MOBitooT App is fast, simple to use, and always connected. Becoming a Voucher Net vendor will enable you start earning income with little effort.

The MOBitooT App and bluetoooth printer is targetted at stores and locations that perform a high daily volume.


To become a Vendor, Download the MOBitooT app from Google Playstore for Android Phones or iOS Apple Store for iPhones, create an account by signing up with your Facebook or Gmail details or simply click on "Create Account" to fill the form. Activate your account and login to fund your wallet to start trading. This process can all be completed in less than 5 minutes!

How vending works

After registering as a Voucher Net vendor, you need to fund your account to vend vouchers. You can do so through any of our partner banks. The Pos terminal allows you check your balance at any time. A pin number will be sent via sms to the primary phone number provided during registration. This pin will be used to vend vouchers and should be kept secret. When you vend any voucher you are billed less your commission. For example if your account balance is N500, and you decide to vend a N100 voucher (let's assume your commission is N6), N94 will be deducted from your account. This means when you receive N100 cash from a customer you have earned N6. Its that easy. You will be able to print any denomination as long as your account balance is greater than the value of the voucher. You need not worry about stock / Inventory.

How to fund your account

To fund your account, pay cash into any of our bank accounts using your VCN Code that is displayed on your MOBitooT dashboard. Your account will be credited with the sum within 5 - 10 minutes. If your wallet isnt funded after 10minutes, contact our customer care team immediately.

Read the MOBitooT User Manual for more details

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