New Voucher Net Website Launched!

New Voucher Net Website Launched!

New Voucher Net Website Launched!


Hooray!!! Our new look website is here! We went live on the 1st of May 2018. We are so excited at the possibilities and features we have on this website...oops! Web app in morderm parlance and truly it is a full bodied app on its own! 

What’s New?
1. MOBitooT
if you had ever been to our previous website, you will have noticed that MOBitooT,
our premier mobile app that allows you do everything including “sending slap to
Clem” and “making myself disappear” according to the upcoming comedy act,
Josh2funny (Instagram handle @josh2funny), never featured on our website since
it’s release on google playstore in September 2017. Today, MOBitooT is everywhere
like we want it to be. Hey! You don’t have MOBitooT, just download MOBitooT and
“Vend it”! Save between 3 - 6 percent on all your airtime and data top up! MOBitooT
finally has a befitting home!

2. Real-time Chat 
You, our esteemed clients, now have another channel to chat with a customer
services representative with our integration with! Yep, you can talk to us
anytime. This will gradually replace our Telegram chat so we stop disturbing other
clients who don’t need to “listen” to other clients yelling at us. Ok! That’s a bit rough
but yes, it gets to that point sometimes when clients even call us “stupid”...but we
can understand the frustrations. We yell sometimes to at some of our services
providers when they fail to deliver as we want and therefore cause us not to please
our clients. Ok...I take that back…we don’t yell...we just make them sit up! At the heart of
this new webapp is our clients and how we are able to reach them or they reach us.
We are asserting ourselves and making a statement with our new webapp as a
customer facing organization.

3. Meet our Team (who is who at Voucher Net)
Now when you see all the noise we make, you will think we are bigger than Nigeria
 (God bless our beloved and beautiful country), but we are just a team of 4 but a
power packed and dedicated 4! Meet us on the you have a face to those
voices on the phone and the personalities behind some of the emails you receive.
But that’s not all; we outsource some of our services to some of the best minds in the
industry. Thanks to Smartware solutions for app development and our recently
added iFwAxTeL LTD that put together this webapp. Emeka Ehinze, Ifeanyi Orji, thank

4. Your testimonials
So we have this part where you can either give us sh*t or tell us how much pleased
you are with what we are offering as a service. Now, be sincere with your feedback
here cause this is part of our continuous improvement process. Your objectivity in
telling us how we are serving you gives us the possibility of taking your suggestions
and making ourselves better. So, if you like, yab us, we can retaliate but more
importantly, we want to hear from you. With your consent, we can add a picture of
you too!

5. News and updates
Here we get to let you in on what we are up to. It is not limited to just Voucher Net
matters we talk about, we are Nigerians and we know a lot…we also talk a lot so and

have opinions about anything and everything. This is “awa time to tawk”, about life
and, life! You get to read 1 st hand what’s new and what we are doing to improve our
apps, next release date and where we hung out last night!

There is more! Much more! From this blog that now gives us an avenue to vent
about anything and everything, to the Bundles ordering process which now helps us
with tracking your requests and our improved automated response feedback to your
orders. As the days roll by, we will be letting you in on some nuggets on how you can
best interface with us and interact with our webapp!

Welcome to We empower you to earn cash efficiently!


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